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Greater Los Angeles Area

Armaturist   -   Fabricator   -   Animator


Focusedon creating awesome and inspiring work through inventiveand fast-paced problem solving in competitive environments.Meticulousin executing projects tothe best they possibly can be given the constraints of a situation'sneed.Experienced in team management and working seamlessly with diversegroups of people.


Custom Action Figure Fabricator

ESPN Steven A. Smith Project (Screen Novelties)

  • Co-assisted lead fabricator in building five action figures of Steven by modifying 18” action figures to build to match Steven's proportions by cutting, extending, and rebuilding limbs
  • Prepping, priming, and assembling 3D-printed props and hands, including an articulated mini 3.5” figure of the Steven that the 18” figure could hold
  • Making molds from 3D-printed hands and casting resin sets for every figure
  • Delegated tasks to assistants to help sand, prime, paint 3d-printed parts and whatnot

Casting Technician

For the Love of a Glove (Screen Novelties)

  • Emergency puppet hand casting for large 4' rod puppets for musical play about Michael Jackson

Puppet Fabricator

Plane Jane (Ratbat Studios)

  • Fabricating two copies of puppets for two different characters: One human, one bird.
  • Sculpted shoes, made molds, and casted them around leg armatures
  • Made puppet arm armatures and casted hands over them
  • Fabricated a duck body with replaceable legs and wings to achieve squash and stretch effects
  • Casted resin puppet heads

Molding & Casting Technician & Puppet Fabricator

Alien Christmas (Chiodo Bros. Productions, Inc.)

  • Casted both silicone and urethane puppets and puppet parts over wire armatures
  • Built wire armatures for puppet parts
  • Modified ball and socket armatures
  • Worked with mold makers to design puppet molds
  • Worked with junior armature makers to quality control
  • Color matched silicone tints for puppet color consistency
  • Help setup the mold & casting lab and it's equipment

Molding & Casting Technician

Robot Chicken Season 9 & Super Mansion Season 3 (Stoopid Buddy Stoodios)

  • Casted both silicone and urethane puppets over wire armatures
  • Casted resin puppet heads, feet, shoes, and various other parts
  • Built wire armatures for puppet parts, small characters, and animals
  • Maintained and setup casting equipment
  • Seamed puppets and related parts

Stop-motion/Marionette Fabricator and Animator

Lahou (live-action short film for the American Film Institute)

  • Animated AFI's first ever stop-motion sequence
  • Fabricated stop-motion origami puppets that could unfold and move
  • Created origami marionettes that could interact with live-action actors

Model Maker. Mold Maker, and Casting

Vaneheim Studios (Fonco}

  • Help build an under structure for a spaceship model for a sci-fi feature
  • Worked on silicone matrix molds with fiberglass shells for life size horse skeleton museum piece
  • Casted plastic resin prop guns for a sci-fi feature.

Director, Executive Producer, Armaturist

Creature Feature (stop-motion short film)

San Francisco, CA (In production)

  • Puppet fabricator, sculptor, and mold maker for all puppets
  • Made molds from silicone, plaster, and matrix molds of both.
  • Casted parts around custom armatures with a proprietary blend of urethane foams
  • Designed and machined armatures on CNC machines and vertical mills
  • Set designer and builder
  • Lead animator
  • Story concept and writer

Armaturist, Fabrication, Puppet Repair

Frog Bar (stop-motion short film)

San Francisco, CA

  • Machining rigs for puppets
  • Prop work
  • Casting puppets
  • Repairing broken armatures


Foodie Cats (3D animated mini-series for the SF Junior Giants)

San Francisco, CA

  • Story concept and writer
  • Overseeing story pitches
  • Helping develop storyboards


Volunteer Grip and Gaffer

2016– 2017: Mole Richardson Company Pacoima, CA

  • Setting up scenes and demos for visiting schools who come to learn about the various aspects of set lighting and electrical distribution at the Mole Richardson sound stage

Robotics Mentor & Computer Technician

2015 – 2016: Wizbots San Carlos, CA

  • Leading after-school & summer camp robotics classes that use Lego Mindstorms and custom 3D printed parts that are then programmed with Java.
  • Setting up computers for efficiency and kid friendliness for other mentors across the bay area
  • Hosting birthday parties for small and large groups of kids who are new to robotics.

Google Maps Foreign Moderator Team Lead

July 2009 – July 2010: Google (contracted via Adecco USA) Mountain View, CA

  • Oversaw a team of foreign language experts to check global map quality
  • Communicated with engineers to improve map-tool related problems
  • Team's go-to for technical support, primarily Linux

After School 3D-Animation Instructor

2008 – 2009: Institute for Next Generation Internet San Francisco, CA

  • Created lesson plans, materials, and gave technical assistance to middle school students

Show Organizer, Coordinator, and Bartender

2008 – 2011: Ghost Town Gallery Oakland, CA

  • Organized, promoted, and hosted monthly art shows and concerts

Freelance Display Artist

2006 – 2007: Urban Outfitters San Francisco, CA

  • Worked in the wood shop with power tools
  • Painted and built seasonal displays for the flagship store, which was to be replicated in all other national stores
  • Painted a mural in a window display for featured local artist of the month


Academy of Art – M.F.A. in 3D and stop-motion animation

 2015 San Francisco, CA

San Francisco State University – B.A. in industrial art with an animation emphasis

2008 San Francisco, CA

University of Tübingen – SFSU study abroad program

2004 – 2005 Tübingen, Germany


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If you would like to download a print version, you may get a pdf here.

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